7 Warning Signs You Should Consult a Cancer Specialist

Warning Signs You Should Consult a Cancer Specialist

Cancer is a multifaceted group of complex diseases and has complex symptoms that could lead to uncontrolled growth. Early detection of diseases like cancer increases the chances of curing diseases and protecting the life of the person from these dreadful diseases. When timely diseases are detected then it is confirmed within some laboratory tests.

To detect cancer, it is necessary to recognize the symptoms of this diseases.  It is better to take charge of your health when it is time to empower it. You can do so, by detecting and curing the symptoms and meeting with a cancer specialist for that purpose.

Common Symptoms of Cancer

There are some specialized symptoms for every disease but before them, every disease shows some common symptoms. First, we need to discuss these common symptoms.

  1. Regular problems in the digestive system include constipation, loose bowel movement, and less digestion.
  2. Sometimes vomiting is also very common and the body aches with discomfort.
  3. Blood in stools and blood in vomiting are also common symptoms.
  4. Hair falls and loss of appetite with loss of nutrition from body parts.
  5. Loss of body weight and several other symptoms like greyish nails and changes in skin color are also common symptoms.

Symptoms that you can not ignore:

Some critical symptoms can not be ignored at any phase of the disease and these symptoms come exclusively with cancer in all age groups. Sometimes there is not only a single symptom, and it is a group of several symptoms together.

  1. Persistent Fatigue and weight loss

If there is weight loss for no reason and you any person in your surroundings is feeling tired even after proper rest, then you need to be aware. Most cancer patients feel restless, and anyone can notice their unusual weight loss.

Sometimes weight loss is not even covered after getting proper diet and nutrition. On the other hand, fatigue is a common symptom in case of the leukaemia (blood cancer). There are also other types of cancers like lung cancer or tracheal cancer which can cause fatigue in the person.

2. Changes in Bowl movement and digestive system

The digestive system is a common tract for food, medication, and water. Because of these all-complex diseases have roots in the digestive tract. In the case of cancer also many symptoms can be seen. Some of these diseases are diarrhoea or constipation regularly or irregularly, Blood in the faeces, or clots in the urine are also symptoms of cancer

This type of digestive tract infection is seen in the case of gastrointestinal cancer. Sometimes if there is urinary tract cancer then they can also be seen. If these symptoms persist for months or even for weeks, you need to meet an medical oncologist.

3. Heartburn/indigestion for long times

This is another method of giving a warning sign to the patient from the body. There are many common complications like indigestion and acidity for a long time. These two symptoms are seen very commonly, sometimes do not have cancer in the patient. But if they are not treated even after proper treatment then you need to go for a cancer diagnosis.

In the case of digestive system infection, which is also accompanied by the indigestion and acidity, cancer can be a reason for this symptom.

4. Long-time headache with persistent pain in the body

Headache is a common discomfort in many symptoms and disease. For example, in case of fever and acidity headaches are also common. But if this headache is regular from a very long time and do not have a base for the disease then it should be diagnosed properly. If there is also body ache with a headache it may lead to fatigue of the body.

Fatigue is a common symptom of the various cancers. If there is a continuous headache and body aches together then they are 60% chance that the person will be diagnosed with cancer.

5. Skin Symptoms

Many skin symptoms are seen only in the case of the Cancers. Sometimes it is because of skin cancer and otherwise it is different forms of cancer like liver cancer or lung cancer. In case of skin cancer unusual bluish or reddish spots are seen in the skin. Sometimes moles in the skin get darkened and more in numbers.

In the case of liver cancer, there are green-yellow patches in the skin, and they are not charged for skin treatments. Certain melanomas are the reason for the irregular tone of skin and high chances of Cancer.

6. Irregular changes in breast tissue and menstrual cycle

These symptoms are seen in the female body and can be possible in the case of breast cancer and uterus cancer. Commonly breast tissue starts from axillary nodes near the shoulder, and they get swollen irregularly in case of breast cancer.

    Irregular menstrual flow shows hormonal imbalance in the female body and there is also the chance of increased ovarian follicles. Ovarian cancer and uterus cancer have common symptoms of irregular menstrual cycle.

    7.Changes in testicles shape or size

    The testicle is a part of male body and is found in scrotum they are glandular structures that produce sperm. There is also a chance of cancer in the testicles and the main reason for that is the increased production of sperm.

    If there is an unusual change in the size and shape of the testicles and a small tumor can be felt in that region reason, then consult the cancer specialist.


    Cancer is a complex multifaceted disease, and it cannot be cured easily. For better cure and chances of increased life span early detection is necessary. And for that detection, you need to realize some symptoms.

    Some symptoms are common in many other diseases and other occurs in a group. Mostly when common symptoms persist for a long time then they are a suspicion of cancer. For more and a better guidance you need to call an oncologist like Dr. Satish Sharma.


    What are the common symptoms associated with cancer?

    Common symptoms of cancer can include digestive issues like constipation and loose bowel movements, vomiting, body aches, blood in stools or vomiting, hair loss, loss of appetite, and unexplained weight loss.

    Why is early detection important in treating cancer?

    Early detection is crucial because it increases the chances of successful treatment and improves the overall prognosis. When cancer is detected in its early stages, it’s often more manageable and curable.

    What is the role of Dr. Satish Sharma in cancer diagnosis and treatment?

    • Dr. Satish Sharma is an best oncologist in Ranchi who specializes in cancer care and treatment.
    • Consulting experts like Dr. Satish Sharma can provide expert guidance and support throughout the cancer diagnosis and treatment journey.